Communication Packages

Let's Talk  

Basic communication, such as family dynamics or a desire to understand and communicate more clearly.

45 minutes to 1 hr

per animal

Quarterly Check-In

I have many clients with concerns about their animal companions - their needs and wants. 
Life transitions can be particularly difficult for them (and us). 
If you are interested in a nice chat - or feel the need for a healing session on a regular basis, this is a perfect, economical solution for you!

4 sessions per year - prepaid
a 20% savings

Bring on the Energy

In-depth communication for one pet with behavior or health concerns. Includes EFT, Scalar Wave or Light Therapy.

1hr 30 mins


per animal


Bundle Your Sessions

Economical choice for 3 in depth sessions, which may include healing modalities.

3, 1hr sessions, scheduled a minimum of 1 week apart


a 10% savings

To book a session to be held at your location, providing you are in the Boise, Idaho vicinity, there is a travel fee of $30.00.

When choosing the Book Now button and going to the payment page, there is an option to choose a session which includes the travel fee.

Wooden Car

Six Month Check-In

Many people like to have me check-in with their animal companion regularly, just to make sure all is well, physically & emotionally
There always seems to be something going on that needs addressing - it can be emotional or physical.

2 sessions within one year for 1 animal - prepaid
a 15% savings