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About Animal Communication

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Communicating with animals


You don't need fancy woo-woo talk from an animal communicator. You need down to earth information on who your pet is, how to integrate new pets or deal with other emotional or physical issues that come up.

Animal readings are most often done by phone or using Zoom. In-person sessions are possible if you live in the Boise, ID area.

Ginger, one of the many members of the Templeman-Wright family

What is an animal communicator?

Opening a pathway for communication with another sentient beings via mental images, words and feelings - then sharing and translating to my client.


Why do clients seek my help?

  • They have noticed that their animal companion is in physical or emotional distress.

  • Their pet is getting near “that time” when a decision needs to be made regarding      transitioning and they want to be sure it is the right decision at the right time.

  • A person has lost a pet and feels a heavy grief. I help them through the process to feel at peace which usually includes connecting with the animal who has passed on.

  • A new pet is being added to the family and they”d like to have a peaceful experience for everyone…people and animals!

What I believe the benefits of Animal Communications are:

  • Validation and being heard is THE most powerful result of a communication session.

  • Bringing clarity to an otherwise concerning/confusing situation.

  • Setting intentions and expectations for clearer, more positive experiences, which serve to enhance lives.

  • Recognizing the current mental or physical status and establishing modalities to bring healing and positive energy into the situation.​


Getting ready for your session


  • Have your questions ready for me

  • If are not meeting in person, I will need a photo sent in advance, of your animal to focus my energy 

  • I will ask you to give a brief explanation about why we are connecting today 

  • I then get quiet, meditate and connect with your animal companion - taking notes as fast as I can

  • I'll establish a relationship with him/her, learn who they are, their favorite things and what they see as their job in the family  

  • Once I've developed a rapport, I delve into the specific question or concerns at hand

Successfully integrating a new puppy after a trying year, is a huge success for my clients!

They had suffered the loss of a dearly loved family member (of the 4-legged variety), negotiated the grieving process and then decided to open their hearts again!

On the left is Pfinn and "dad" Harry.

And who could resist a brand new adorable sister? Introducing Pyper on the right.

Discounts for multiple sessions!

Most of my clients end up wanting me to communicate with their family members more than once. It can be an ongoing issue or something completely different. I'm more than happy to help - and offer a healthy discount to them.

Pati said:

Loraine met with me and my mini aussie, Mona last summer. I adopted Mona and had not had her very long. I was curious to find out about some of Mona's odd behaviors. Loraine studied Mona's actions and attitudes as I went about my business and was able to pinpoint some things in Mona to help me make sense of her behaviors. She gave me some tips and tricks to help. I highly recommend Loraine if you'd like to get to the bottom of your pets behaviors.


Erin shares their story:

When I first reached out to Lorraine, I was completely terrified and full of anxiety. Over night, my little companion dog, Lily, suddenly began going down hill - out of nowhere. She seemed completely healthy, but acting out in a way that was not her normal, playful, sweet self. She had massive anxiety. She was screeching every time she moved. I couldn't think of anything that could have happened to her to cause this and it left me a mess.

A few days later, after the session, Lily was completely back to normal!! I was so happy. Lily was so happy. I can never thank Lorraine enough. She is an absolutely amazing human being and such a positive bright light in this world. Animals need more people like her! 

My Aunt suggested I find a pet communicator and Googled it for me, and that's how we met Lorraine. Lily was so receptive to her as she was soft spoken and so kind to us both. In our first session she was able to communicate with her and tell me exactly what was wrong physically and mentally, as well as some other things on my little dogs mind that made me so happy. We still needed to fix Lily's physical condition so with the success we had with our reading - I booked a light therapy session with her right away!!

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