About Animal Communication

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Communicating with animals


You don't need fancy woo-woo talk from an animal communicator. You need down to earth information on who your pet is, how to integrate new pets or deal with other emotional or physical issues that come up.

Animal readings are most often done by phone or using Zoom. In-person sessions are possible if you live in the Boise, ID area.

Ginger, one of the many members of the Templeman-Wright family

Need more help?

If further sessions are necessary, there is most likely a package targeted to your needs. Some animals require special sessions for their behavioral or emotional issues (EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, also called Tapping), while others are in need of energy healing (Scalar Wave) or using Low Level Light Therapy (Photo-Bio-Modulation). 


What happens during a session?

  • First, they show me their favorite things and what their personality is like...I might even see them "dressed" as a character!

  • How they feel about each other (If there are two or more animals of any specie in your home)

  • What they perceive as their job in your household

  • I will ask your animal about issues, behaviors, emotions or illness that you are concerned about

  • I scan the body for any physical discomforts

  • After translating and relating these messages to you, I am able to offer steps that can help you increase harmony in your home, suggest further energy work or recommend other professionals that may be of help to you or your animal companion

Getting ready for your session

  • Have your questions ready for me

  • If are not meeting in person, I will need a photo sent in advance, of your animal to focus my energy 

  • I will ask you to give a brief explanation about why we are connecting today 

  • I then get quiet, meditate and connect with your animal companion - taking notes as fast as I can

  • I'll establish a relationship with him/her, learn who they are, their favorite things and what they see as their job in the family  

  • Once I've developed a rapport, I delve into the specific question or concerns at hand

Happy housemates, Spaulding and Ginger

Pati said:

Loraine met with me and my mini aussie, Mona last summer. I adopted Mona and had not had her very long. I was curious to find out about some of Mona's odd behaviors. Loraine studied Mona's actions and attitudes as I went about my business and was able to pinpoint some things in Mona to help me make sense of her behaviors. She gave me some tips and tricks to help. I highly recommend Loraine if you'd like to get to the bottom of your pets behaviors.