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Artist & Animal Communicator

Art is One Part of Who I Am

I've really been an artist my whole life - I was always that girl who hung out in the Art Room in high school! I'm always volunteering for big creative projects to promote The Arts.

I went to college, Chico State University, and earned my BA Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration. I worked in these and other related fields for a number of years.

I married and raised a wonderful family. In those days crafting was my artistic outlet. As the children grew, I began helping in my children's classes, teaching art, which reawakened the artist within me! I have, through the years, taught many children and adults in schools and in my own studio.

At some point I realized that drawing and painting animals, especially horses, was what I was meant to do! That eventually led to custom pet portraits for friends and family......which led to a career I really love!! 

Animals are the Other Part

Most of my life I have owned and ridden horses. It seems to run in my family! As a matter of fact, I just love all animals - they are a part of me.

I have always been fascinated by people who could communicate with animals. Not too many years ago, I went to a Dynamite Specialty Distributor's Conference because Joan Ranquet was scheduled to be a speaker. Afterwards, I couldn't get it out of my I reached out and discovered she has a whole School of Animal Communication, Communication With All Life University!! Then, Joan, herself a world renowned Animal Communicator & Healer, Ted Talk Speaker, and author of several books (the list goes on...) made a phone call encouraging me to follow my heart. It was the perfect time in my life - so I did!

As I write this bit about myself, I am proud to say I have graduated and been certified! Now, I am studying for certification in Photo-Bio-Modulation, aka Low Level Light Therapy, another tool for assisting the body in healing!

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