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My Mini Aussie, Bonnie



Artist​ & Animal Communicator

Animal Communication is:

  • establishing a connection

  • listening and observing

  • understanding

  • working together to to achieve a healthy life

Crescendo, watercolor.jpg

Mike's faithful companion, Blondie

Custom Pet Portraits are:

  • the essence of your pet to be enjoyed forever

  • a wonderful gift for someone

  • available in several mediums (watercolor, oils, drawings etc.)

A portrait of Cresendo,

11 x 14, watercolor, private collection

People are saying...

Adele said:


"Lorraine has helped me with pet loss when the grief can be overwhelming and intrusive, her words and knowledge are helping me with the loss of my amazing little gin pig Gatsby, time unfortunately takes everything and Lorraine helped me to know that he is safe and how he feels. I’m very much a believer of more than the human eye can see and Lorraine picked up on some things between me and my house pig that no one would have known. 

Her empathetic way and spirit shows through the reading. I will absolutely be back for more readings when the time is needed. 

The guidance through the loss with comfort and contact to the animals is something people pine for, to know that the fur baby’s are okay. 

Thank you Lorraine for the wonderful and very apt reading. 


 I deeply appreciate the contact to him ."


Kalin said:

"Lorraine came over to meet our 4 month old doodle pups Joey and Gemma today!  And our 7 and 2 year old Persian cats Willy and Darla .9/15/20

Originally our plan for Lorraine was to tell Joey and Gemma to sleep in their crate instead of our bed with out barking and to not eat the cats, we have 2. 

We are super happy because now we know why Joey hates his crate or so we thought.  He told her that he is the protector of the house and he can’t do his job if he’s locked up in the crate.  He also doesn’t want to eat the cats he just is really curious about them.   Willy on the other hand told her he was very afraid of the dogs. Gemma girl told Lorraine that she is very girly and was showing her pictures of pink bows ... which made me laugh because my husband took her pink bow off and wouldn’t let her wear it. She also said right now she doesn’t have a job she just goes with the flow she’s very smooth and easy going.  She also noted that they were already prepared to talk to Lorraine .. I gave them the run down of what was going to happen prior to Lorraine showing up, I said “ there’s a lady coming over to talk to you guys so you need to tell her everything about yourselves “.    

We are thrilled we got to take part in this!! We would def recommend having Lorraine over to meet with your animals."

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